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Xiamen Herising Architecturals Co., Ltd originated as a Monumental Masonry Company which supplied many different styles of memorials to the Nations of the Commonwealth. With monthly capacity of ten containers, our Company has greatly facilitated sales, manufacturing & export opportunities for our clients.

Our two-decades of excellence and dedication in this industry has built an enviable reputation in supplying Monuments of extremely high-quality workmanship. Our Staff always have in the forefront of their minds that monuments are the lasting tributes, reflecting the glorious and vivid lives and careers of the deceased. We believe the family members or loved ones take great care in selecting the perfect headstone, so we deliver extremely high-quality products which perfectly reflects this.

Our company prides itself on having professional and caring stonemasons, persistently observing high standards of supreme quality and excellent delivery times.

A range of our standard designs are available to view on our website, however we also produce bespoke designs for our clients.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.